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Jantzen is a brand of swimwear that was established in 1916 and first appeared in the city of Portland, Oregon, United States. The brand name later replaced the name of the parent company that manufactured the branded products. The brand featured a logo image of a young woman, dressed in a red one-piece swimsuit and bathing hat, assuming a diving posture with outstretched arms and an arched back.


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Former Employee - Senior Sales Representative says

"Owner won't pay you if he doesn't have money and scams all his business by pretending to do something he doesn't do. Scam from top to bottom. Jantzen started years ago under the name "Unsecured Business Funding", then went to "Direct Business Lending", now he's re-started under a new name of "Assist Business Capital". When will the scamming end?"


"There is nothing good about this company. The CEO Jantzen Fugate treats his employees like robots. He is phony, and could care less about anyone except for himself. Loser management team as well. Stay away unless you want to feel like you are nothing"

Order Filler/Picker (Former Employee) says

"Don’t even think about working here, poor management, very unhealthy environment, all of the clothes come from over seas so when you open a box you have know idea what’s going to bite you. The hours are ridiculous you can’t plan anything they don’t tell what hours your working until 3:30 then you stay until 5:30 or 7:30. I hated it..NoneUnsafe and racism"

Packer and Shipper (Former Employee) says

"I didn’t work at Janzen very long to be able to tell you guys anything about the company. It’s been sooo long ago i only lasted bout 4 weeks there . They lay off very fast . I didn’t really like it there because hardly any work ."

Men's Sweater Designer (Former Employee) says

"i was used negatively...two designers for sweaters. The other designer was there upon my arrival and she never designed knits. Having the knitting machine in my studio, I was used as a pawn,,,,I speak plainly,Being in the fashion districtRacist boss"

Order Filler (Former Employee) says

"My typical day at work includes starting work at 7 am, getting your equipment you would need for the day and getting your work place position from the manager. I learned how to order fill and pack boxes. Management is horrible, has favorites and get treated better than others and get the cool some what short paced jobs. The people I worked with were very helpful and nice. Hardest part was standing up all day walking around an huge building trying to find one part and then have walk all the way back just to package that one item. The people that I worked with was the most enjoyable part.hoursmanagement"

seamtrest (Former Employee) says

"For a 2nd job it was okay.I don't have any more to say about this company. It was noisy and dirty. Workers do well together.No oyher information is forthcoming.work that I neededlow work load"

Order Filler (Former Employee) says

"The job itself is okay. I was a orderfiller at Jantzen. It's not a hard job but it does require you to be a fast paced worker. A typical work do was pretty easy but it made it hard to work with lack of air conditioners. Certain parts of the place only had air conditioners. Management was beyond horrible, they do not value their employess they treat us as if were dogs. People work their butts off to only get paid $8 an hour. The supervisors complain about the smallest things and they're quick to fire you just because they don't like you. I will never go back there to work again. I don't recommend anyone to work there."

Order Puller (Former Employee) says

"The job is uneventful. There is no manager support. if you don't work at a fast pace they will fire you even if your working at a steady pace. The job its self is not hard."

Manufacturing Associate (Current Employee) says

"A typical day includes working with products and packing them into shipping boxes. It must be done neatly and timely matter. The management seem nice. My co-workers always greet you with good morning. Some areas are hot to work in and that is the hardest part of working there. I like the job and the hours.Free coffeeThree breaks."

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Ok place to work. First shift. Good work life balance. Lunch break is 30 mins. You also get two 10 min breaks. Got laid off due to work shortage. But it was an ok job"

Order Filler/Picker (Former Employee) says

"Non stop work on your feet always moving staying busy. Very easy. Tries to get high numbers in picking order. The more orders picked the more product goes out. Better you are your advancement opportunities within the company is great"

Front End Supervisor / Key Holder (Former Employee) says

"great job , but the location is is infested with thieves, company wont do anything to make associates feel safe, police wont even show up and mall security also don't get involved, not a pleasant place to work when you are closing with two associates.great discountnot safe"

Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"a typical day at work was an alright day I learned to skills on how to drive a sit down an cherry picker lift management was alright just a little too much favortiszem no hard parts about the job what I liked most about the job was my co-workers"

Publications editor (Former Employee) says

"Out of business; great starter job for young people beginning in the work force. Fun, upbeat environment and great management but the company was acquired by a larger firm in the early '80s.Fun environmentOut of business"

ORDER FILLER (Former Employee) says

"You had to work monday through friday you did get paid holidays if you had been there long enough, they did offer you health benefits if you where there long enoughYou got to take two 15 min breaksThey did not appreciate there employees"

FRM (Former Employee) says

"We worked mostly 10 hours days and every other week we worked 12 hours days. Mostly we did 5 days and very rare we did 6 days unless something had to be shipped out that week that was important. Work hours were from 7am-5:30pm. The typical day was unloading, folding, packing, and labeling of shipment boxes. We ran machines and also put information in a computer data base. We were constantly on our feet. Having great co workers made the day move a lot smoother and fun to work. We did our jobs and still had fun. I learned that you can still your job great and still have fun while doing it. Understanding that everyday will not be easy but having good teamwork, communication, and working together, you can get the job done."

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